Recap #1

These past few weeks have been immensely intense work-wise. It’s 11 am and I’m taking my time going to work as always, mostly because the hectic life is pretty much over for now.

Despite the fact that all traces of euphoria has subsided, I’m still riding high from the (dare I say) success that we’ve managed to accomplish for our event. For now, that’s good enough of a motivation for me to keep going.

So much has happened lately it’s difficult to keep up, especially internally, like the way I’ve been feeling about some things. It’s interesting to note how lax I’ve become over some things. How little I’m fazed by trivial mistakes. I’m glad, for one thing, that some perceptions are drastically changing and some… remain the same. There is balance in the steady flux of emotions I’ve been experiencing, most of which haven’t caused any discomfort like before, when violent bursts were considered normal.

Anyway, I’m content. Life’s sorted… for now.


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