I’m lying down in bed, bathing in my own sweat. The heat today is unbearably hot, even my AC isn’t doing much help. It’s not nice to say but I can’t wait until dusk when we can finally say goodbye to the sun for the day.

But I’m not here to whinge. Rather, to share what I did yesterday! Assikin took me to KL for the day promising good food for berbuka. I, like many, am a sucker when promised food in general. Let me point out that it was 35 degrees and I’m not the type to leave the comfort of my own home for the outside – especially in this kind of weather but I braved myself, curious to see what KL had to offer when we’re so close to Eid.

We parked our car at Kelana Jaya station and took the LRT to KL Sentral. Is this a bad time to admit that in 22 years, I can actually count the amount of times I’ve ridden public transport in KL? No judgement, please. Upon reaching, we went to Bath and Body Works in NuSentral, of all places, and I ended up buying a candle because I’m a sucker for candles. In all fairness, they were half off!!! Assikin suggested Sungei Wang after, and I grew excited because I’ve never been there. Again, no judgement, please. I heard it was a cheap place to buy things and I needed things. Lots of it. With limited budget but a burning desire to shop, I said lehgo.

We spent about 3 hours there – fitting in perfectly with the rest of the giddy teenagers roaming around the place – and burnt holes in our pockets because why not??? Everything was cheap there anyway. Made new glasses for the both of us because it was a deal of 2 for a fraction of the price I’d usually have to pay. 20 minutes to berbuka was when I really felt my patience being tested but I persevered! Broke my fast on the train on the way to this place Assikin had promised that served bomb-ass lamb (because I was craving for lamb, man.) which was all the way in Pasar Seni and even then, was another 15 minute-walk? Felt like an hour, more like. Apparently it was this inconspicuous little restaurant (explained why we got lost like 3 times) attached to a hotel behind SEGi KL. But it was so worth the walk. We talked and caught up for a bit before walking back to the station and then home.

I felt like a tourist, exploring the little nooks and crannies of KL and going to places I’ve never gone to. In my 8 years of living here, yesterday was when I truly saw KL, if that makes sense? I don’t know why suddenly I felt like I’ve been missing out on a lot of things and that I should’ve experienced them when I was younger (particularly when I was still in school) but it’s good to have these experiences now rather than never.

This might’ve seemed a little bland -to some – to be excited about but I had a good time! Kinda made me a little less inclined to drive now knowing that the LRTs and Monorails are at my disposal (sort of). Besides, now that the LRT stops at SS15, I can say goodbye to horrible Subang jams and parking!



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