I’m not the type that makes a habit out of exercising. Rather, I muster enough willpower (and courage) to go on a jogging binge and don’t see my sports shoes for another week or so.

Yesterday I went for one of said binges after work. As I’ve completed probably 10 minutes, I decided to do one of those dramatic loud exhales. You know the type, the frustrated AGHs after an intense session of running – even though I was only lightly jogging – where your knees buckle and your head tosses upwards.

What I noticed yesterday was the clouds were of a different formation.



A minute’s search on Google later…

And they were breathtaking. I mean at this point I didn’t have any breaths to give already but if I had, they would’ve taken it.

What I realised was that these clouds, no matter what form they were in, were still calmly moving at their own steady pace. They are the definition of ‘going with the flow’ and that is a term I identify with greatly.

People who ‘go with the flow’ are often dubbed as going through life without a definite purpose in mind. For some reason, they seem to be getting the short end of the stick; forever deemed indecisive or lazy but fact of the matter is, most of them aren’t. They choose to live cruising through what life has to offer and frankly, I don’t think that’s something to be frowned upon.

It’s just one of the things I’ve been thinking lately; how much pressure society puts on you to figure your passion out and go after it. How times have changed and how incredibly different the mindsets of┬áMillenials are. We’re all driven young people expected to go after our passions and interests without deliberating first. I don’t wish that unnecessary pressure on myself and so I’ve made it a point to just ‘go with the flow’.

I’ve beaten myself up for not being sure about the things that I want to do and saying yes to things I didn’t necessarily want to because I had the slightest inkling that ‘this is what my passion is!!!!’ No more. I’ll stick with going with the flow, thanks.

When in doubt, ride it out?



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